The 2020-2021 Ethics Bowl season has been launched. Apply now for the EBC program!

What is the Ethics Bowl?

The Ethics Bowl is a competitive yet collaborative event in which students engage in philosophical debates on real-life ethical dilemmas. It differs from a traditional debate in that the central goal is to demonstrate the breadth and depth of thinking, rather than to overwhelm or dominate the opposing team. The Ethics Bowl is more than teaching students how to analyze ethical cases: It is to teach them how to think and discuss these issues in a civic community, where they become fellow citizens of social responsibilities. Data shows that this event teaches and promotes ethical awareness, critical thinking, civil discourse, civic engagement, and an appreciation for multiple points of view.

What is the Ethics Bowl China?

The Ethics Bowl China (EBC) team was originally organizers of the Shanghai Interscholastic Ethics Bowl (SIEB). After the huge success of the SIEB, we expanded the Ethics Bowl program to other provinces in China. The EBC now oversees several regional Ethics Bowls across the country (see below) and provides all kinds of support for our regional organizers, including promotions, fundraising, materials, and international collaboration opportunities with our partners. Our aim is to make philosophical and ethical discussions more available to the public, especially among middle and high school students. We believe that through such kinds of discourse, not only can we reach broad consensus on certain ethical dilemmas as a community, but we also teach students how to engage in similar public discussions as citizens in our society. Events under the EBC are modeled after the National High School Ethics Bowl in the United States, hosted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We are thankful for the generous support from director Alex Richardson and the NHSEB staff!

International Ethics Bowl/Olympiad Program

Ethics Bowl China, Ethics Olympiad, Ethics Olympiad Canada

The International Ethics Bowl/Olympiad connects teams from China, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Shanghai Interscholastic Ethics Bowl

No.2 High School of East China Normal University

The Shanghai Interscholastic Ethics Bowl is the first Ethics Bowl event in China, based at No.2 High School of East China Normal University. In its inaugural year, the SIEB received registrations of 324 students from 15 schools across 2 provinces, and becomes the officially-recognized 'International Affiliate' of the National High School Ethics Bowl. The SIEB provided overall 5 online courses for the participants, including one from the director and coaches of the NHSEB. Participants of the SIEB also have the wonderful opportunity to debate online with Ethics Bowl teams worldwide, including teams from the Ethics Olympiad in Australia and New Zealand, which later becomes a formal International Ethics Bowl program connecting 'ethletes' across the globe.

Sichuan Chapter of the Ethics Bowl China

Jiaxiang Foreign Language School

The Sichuan Chapter of the Ethics Bowl China is based at Jiaxiang Foreign Language School in Chengdu, Sichuan.

Shenzhen Chapter of the Ethics Bowl China (TBA)

Shenzhen College of International Education

The Shenzhen Chapter of the Ethics Bowl China is the first Ethics Bowl event in Southern China. It is based at the Shenzhen College of International Education.

ADAC High School Ethics Bowl (TBA)

Academic Debate Association of China

The ADAC High School Ethics Bowl is founded in alliance with the Academic Debate Association of China (ADAC).

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We are currently supporting Ethics Bowl events throughout China. If you have such interest, please feel free to contact us. We will do whatever is possible to help you start up your own regional Ethics Bowl!