International Ethics Bowl/Olympiad

Ethics Bowl China, Ethics Olympiad, and Ethics Olympiad Canada

Amid the coronavirus outbreak that rendered events canceled, meetings postponed, and schools closed, we seemed to be further away from each other than ever before. But the global Ethics Bowl/Olympiad community has become closer despite all those quarantine and lockdowns. On April 2nd, we launched the first-ever Ethics Bowl/Olympiad match between a Chinese and an Australian team in collaboration with the Australasian Ethics Olympiad. This event took place on Zoom. We made slight modifications to the rules for this online format. The whole match went exceptionally well with students' active participation and insightful questions and comments from the three judges. For more information on this event, click here.

Two months after this initial success, on June 25th, we launched a bigger-scale International Ethics Bowl/Olympiad with the Australasian Ethics Olympiad and the Ethics Olympiad Canada. Teams participating in this event are all winners of the Ethics Bowl/Olympiad competitions in each country. We had overall 6 teams, 30+ students from 3 different continents along with 20+ coaches, judges, and moderators participating under 9 different time zones.

Students discussed topics including 'is it OK to punch a Nazi,' 'treating Covid-19,' and 'de-extinction,' etc. in the match. Cultural differences played an important role in these discussions. Coming from three different countries, teams exchanged very diverse views on these topics, which is also highly-encouraged in ethical discussions like the Ethics Bowl. Students are able to hear from peers from the other side of the globe, thus adding perspectives that perhaps they themselves never thought of before. For more information on the June 25th event, click here.