Warm welcome to all judges, moderators, and teams participating in the Shanghai Interscholastic Ethics Bowl Online!

General Resources for Everyone

Click here for the rules

Please note that presentation time will be set to 6 minutes.

Click here for a short video created by the Ethics Bowl China which sketches the EB rules.
Click here for the case set

Resources for judges

Click here for judges training video 1 created by the South Carolina HSEB.

This wouldn't be necessary if you've already very familiar with the rules and judges guidelines (in the rules document)

Click here for judges training video 2 produced for the Michigan HSEB.

This one provides a case as an example, recommended.

Click here for judges marking key

You need to print these out!

Click here for the Judging Criteria

This criteria would also be helpful to have printed out as well.

Resources for moderators

Click here for the Moderator Script

  1. Print out script to use at the event.
  2. Make sure you have a timer/stopwatch with you. (and a coin)
  3. Two days before the event you will receive a powerpoint for screenshare and the questions to ask the students for each case.


Organizers: Leo Huang, Christina Li, Doris Feng, Ray Zhu, Scarlett He, Sherry He.
Judges: Coming very soon...
Moderators: Coming very soon...


Email: info@ethicsbowlchina.com
WeChat: lhleohuang

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