Ethics Bowl Comes to Shanghai, China!

Posted on Sep 05, 2019 by Leo Huang
Ethics Bowl is originally from the United States. It was created by Robert Ladenson, and was by then known as the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl (IEB). In 2013, Ethics Bowl was introduced to high school students. The first national event is the National High School Ethics Bowl (NHSEB). In 2019, the NHSEB serves more than 5,000 students from 31 states in the US.

The Ethics Bowl is a competitive but collaborative event in which students engage in philosophical debates on real-life ethical dilemmas. It differs from a traditional debate in that the central goal of this competition is to demonstrate the breadth and depth of thinking, rather than to overwhelm or dominate the opposing team. The Ethics Bowl is more than teaching students how to analyze ethical cases: It is to teach them how to think and discuss about these issues in a civic community, where they become fellow citizens of great social responsibilities. In a 2019 survey by the NHSEB, participants agreed on several benefits of participating in the Ethics Bowl:


One student who participated in the Ethics Bowl summarized things: “[The NHSEB] is an experience unlike any other. It is both the most fun I’ve ever had while also stretching my critical thinking skills and helping me engage in civil discourse in a whole new way. The cases are interesting and multi-faceted, the students are thoughtful and intelligent, and the directors and volunteers are extremely hardworking and kind. I am beyond grateful for this experience and the skills and friendships I’ve developed because of it.” (quoted from the NHSEB)

In 2019, Ethics Bowl comes to China! With the help of director Leo Huang and his team, Doris Feng, Scarlett He, Christina Li, Rachel Yan, Sherry He, Rachel Fei, and Ray Zhu, Ethics Bowl is becoming increasingly known to Chinese students. The team is about to launch the first Ethics Bowl in winter. There will be several online sessions prior to the match for general introductions about the format and some in-depth discussions on philosophy and ethics. Please follow us for future events!

Posted on Sep 05, 2020 by Leo Huang

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