Online Interviews Successfully Held

Posted on Jan 16, 2020 by Leo Huang
Participants, congratulations for completing the interviews! By registering for our event and taking part in the interview, you've already demonstrated your genuine passion for philosophy and learning!

The interview was divided in to in total seven sessions (including two more added for participants with special needs). One member was selected in each team to join the interview. Participants were prompted to talk about a familiar topic in the interview to test their English speaking skills.

post-thumb Each participant was scored by two judges based on a self-designed rubric. The whole process was recorded and reviewed by the SIEB team afterwards.

Each session was hosted by a different member of the SIEB team (except for the two additional ones), but the format was exactly the same. Let's hear what they say about the interviewees!

Leo Huang: Most students demonstrated solid reasoning skills and are able to express ideas clearly and logically in limited amount of time. Good job for all of them!
Rachel Yan: Most of them have done well in the interview. I'm sure they are all well prepared for the Ethics Bowl!
Christina Li: Making decisions among all those outstanding students is hard. We had to review the video recordings several times to make the final decisions.
Doris Feng: I really enjoyed the interview process. They have shown different perpectives on the same topic, which is quite eye-widening for me.
Sherry He: Ethics Bowl demands a lot for students. But I believe most participants already have the qualities to get themselves prepared for the event!

Posted on Jan 16, 2020 by Leo Huang

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